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Legend of Korra 30 Day Challenge

Day 7: Favorite Female Character

Asami Sato

"Why Asami?" you ask. "Why not Lin or Korra?" Don’t get me wrong. I love Korra, and Lin is just dakl;fdlgjhauidf I love Lin so much. But Asami’s a really, REALLY good character. And people take her for granted. But I ask you to compare her to my analysis of Azula. Their lives are a sort of parallel. Asami’s had everything ripped away from her. Her mother is killed, her father is a dangerous zealot, her family name is ripped to pieces, and her boyfriend loves another girl. But, unlike Azula who breaks under the weight of her problems, Asami keeps her moral compass and moves past her struggles to become a better person, to grow and learn from the cards life has dealt her. She could have followed her father. Joined the Equalists. It could’ve been easy. But she attacks him and saves friends she’s known for a few weeks. Not because she loves them more than her father, we know she loves him a lot, but because stopping her father, though not the easy thing to do, is the right thing to do. Asami is one of the strongest willed characters in both Avatar and Korra but people forget the kind of personal things she must have had to go through to keep her heading.

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